Thanks for sharing man. Keep the learning snowball going!

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Thank you for sharing such an exciting list. I add The Goal, Animal Farm and When Genius Failed to my reading list. Apparently I enjoyed A Gentelman in Moscow much more than you, I couldn't stop reading😂 and from Orwell, I recommend 1984 in case you haven't read it yet as well as The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks, I just finished it and it's a pearl🤌🏽 thanks again and looking forward to reading more from you!

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Hi Charles! you won't regret them ;)

With a gentleman in Moscow, I am sure it is more my thing than the book.

1984 I read some years ago. I liked more the setting than the novel itself, but obviously a classic. IMO, Animal Farm is better, although simpler as a novel.

Howard Marks is in the long pipeline. I have read some articles, but not yet the book ;)


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